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Teen Summer Camps

    Each year, teen summer camps and summer camp programs for kids of all ages, are the summer destination of choice for more than ten million kids.   Summer camps in the United States and around the world offer an amazing range of experiences to camp kids, and present countless choices to their parents.

    Teen summer camps fall into about a dozen broad camp catagories and hundreds of more specific topical summer camps.   Traditional summer camp programs are "place" oriented offering many activities in one central location.   Often a particular summer camp's genre' may overlap several areas such as "academic adventure travel". Unless the purpose of "going" to summer camp is simply to go somewhere, parents and kids should first decide what experience is most desired, then decide where.

  • Academic Summer Camps
  • Adventure Summer Camps
  • Teen Tours & Travel Camps
  • Sports Summer Camps
  • Arts Summer Camps
  • Community Service Camps
  • Traditional Summer Camps
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Special Needs Summer Camps
  • Day Camps
  • Religious Summer Camps

    Costs for teen summer camps and summer camp programs can vary enormously depending on the activities conducted and travel involved. A general purpose summer camp which offers common activities such as swimming, boating, crafts and hiking and located within 50 miles of a family residence, will naturally cost significantly less than a highly specialized camp which offers activities involving high technology or fine arts and requires long distance air fare. Most camps do not include travel when listing tuition costs and parents should make sure to check current costs if air travel is necessary.

    A major decison for parents of prospective summer campers should be whether their child is mature enough for the camp format under consideration. Younger children may not be physically or emotionally developed enough for some summer camps and rather than being an enjoyable experience kids struggle to simply endure. A summer camp which is closer to home and less schedule structured may be a better choice for a year or two. Remember, Mom and Dad, summer camp should be fun first! If they learn something at the same time, even better.

    Whatever the summer camps purpose or location, camps can be amazing experience where new friends are met, new challenges confronted and personal growth opportunities abound. With the growth of internet communications, camps and new friends can stay in touch with each other long after the summer camp session has ended.

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